JHCCS-Resume Tip of the Day 5/7

 Your resume only needs to go back 10 years, and should be kept to no more than 1 page ideally. If you have more than 10 years of experience with one company then it can be appropriate to go onto a second page.

JHCCS-Career Tip of the Day 5/6

Answer all interview questions by focusing on your PEP-ie. where you have increased productivity, efficiency & performance in your most recent position.

JHCCS-Career Tip of the Day 5/5

Before you go out to look for a new job, it is critical to make your own “wish-list” of what your ideal job is so you will know when you have found it. Your “wish-list” should include everything from company culture and location, to the types of personalities you would most prefer to work with.

Network your way into your next job!

If you are someone who is looking for a job, you are probably spending a lot of your time applying to positions on-line.  This can begin to feel rote and even tedious. Leverage time spent in front of the computer by not only applying for positions on-line, but also by using social networking sites such as…


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