Handling a Counteroffer

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What is a counteroffer and how can you effectively handle it when you receive one?

A counteroffer is when the company that you are currently working for does not accept your resignation and offers to match or better the offer with the new company that you have received.
Many companies have strict policies on not giving counteroffers as they know that it is rare for a counteroffer to work out, and others will stop it nothing to keep their best employees no matter what the cost. So is it a good idea to accept a counteroffer once you have already accepted a new position?
Of the many job seekers who I have placed and coached throughout the years, only about two to three have ever accepted a counteroffer and wound up staying at their original employer for more than six months.
Why is it that most job seekers do NOT stay when they do accept a counteroffer from their current employer?
1) There were certain reasons that you were looking for a new position to begin with and typically, a company will promise to “fix” those issues, but in reality, you still wind up dealing with the same issues that you were originally faced with.
2) When you accept a counter offer, often for more money, your original employer now has higher expectations of you than before. In many cases, employers also harbor animosity towards the employee who they gave a counter offer to because of the  demands they have to meet to keep you. There is also a lack of trust after someone accepts a counteroffer. That then has to be rebuilt, if it can be rebuilt at all.
3) Finally, if your co-workers find out about your counteroffer that you have accepted, they can often treat you differently and many times, they become resentful and can treat you worse.
There are very rare occasions where accepting a counteroffer does work out, but in a majority of situations I have come across, most counteroffer situations end badly with the job seeker leaving the employer within a few months of accepting a counteroffer.
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