Man Know Thyself

One of the many hindrances for job seekers in landing the job of their dreams, is not acknowledging themselves for all of the things that make them amazing. Many of us are taught as children that we should not boast or be proud. While you certainly may not want to be the type of person who only cares about him or herself, you also do not want to downplay your greatness and what you have to contribute to the world. 

In business, realizing your own greatness, or that what differentiates you from others in a positive way can often result in landing your dream job. In many of the 6 figure interviews I have conducted thus far, the 6 figure earners have all concurred that having confidence in oneself is vital to being successful in business and in life. You are doing the world no favors by holding your greatness back. I invite you to take a look at the things which make you come alive, those natural talents which make you who you are.  Then, once you get a list of those ten things that make you shine, ask yourself how you can go out and share those gifts in your everyday life.

I will share with you my personal list I made, which I will keep by my desk to remind me why I am here on this planet and what I have to contribute to others:

1) My generosity

2) My willingness to help others/do charitable work

3) My ability to listen to people and have them feel heard

4) My ability to see the best in people in any situation and to help them to see the best in themselves

5) My capacity to love others unconditionally

6) My ability to instantly relate with people and connect to them

7) My perseverance

8) My ambition/drive

9) My zealous for life

10) My fearlessness and ability to be unstoppable

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