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My accidental appearance on Conan


Jennifer K. Hill (the audience lady).


One might ask, how do you accidentally wind up on the Conan O’Brien show and then go on to have over 135,000 hits on YouTube? 

A charity auctioned off ticket to the Conan show and I won them.


I wanted to use them for a special occasion, so when my mother-in-law and her niece were visiting from out of town, I thought that would be a fun treat.  As I was rushing out of my office the day of the taping to pick them up, I decided to grab a copy of my book “Stop Hoping…Start Hunting! A Job Seeker’s Guide to Finding a Dream Job,” with me to the taping, thinking: “You never know!”


Book in purse, we arrived at the Burbank Warner Brothers lot where the show was being taped.


I started off sitting three seats in from the aisle and giving my mother-in-law the aisle seat so that she could have a good view. Ironically, right before the taping I was chatting with a man and his son, who was in college, and discussing my book and how with our minds, we can create anything we want for ourselves.


At this point, I was not in any way expecting to give Conan my book WHILE taping. Rather, I thought that it would be funny to sign a copy of my book to Conan saying “Good luck one day finding your dream job!” It was going to be a gag and I figured one of his PA’s could pass it along.


While waiting, my mother-in-law was doing reconnaissance and happened to chat with the closest PA and found out that Conan occasionally did bits involving the audience and would sometimes come up to our area of the audience, especially after the show. Upon finding this out she insisted that I take the isle seat “just in case.”


I now had my signed copy of my book next to me and ready to pass along to someone to give to Conan when it was convenient.  I asked the closest PA what the best way was to get it to him, and she confirmed that sometimes he would come into the audience after the show and if he did I could give it to him. She said if that didn’t happen she would pick it up from me and give it to him after the show. Good enough, right? Well…


About five minutes and fifty-five seconds into Conan’s show (I know because at first I had to tell my friends where to find it in the episode before they cut it out and put it on his homepage and YouTube) he began to tell a joke. The joke started: “Have you heard about this new iPhone app that teaches men how to orally please their women?”


Right about then, I started laughing uproariously. I mean, come on, that is funny! At that moment I could not have been more mortified when I saw the camera cut away from a stunned Conan to me. Of all of the things I wanted to be known for, the “Oral Sex App Audience Lady” was not on my top 100 List.  At first I didn’t even think anyone noticed and then Conan started interacting with me and I knew I could not just hide. At this point, it was still the furthest thing from my mind that I would be giving him a copy of my book on camera.


He then made fun of me, continued his joke and made fun of me some more. All along, I am turning beet red imagining the repercussions of people I knew seeing me laughing at the sex app joke (my clients tend to be conservative top 100 law firms).


Out of the blue, Conan holds out his arms and approaches my area of the audience to “hug it out” with me. I was so shocked, that I didn’t even realize that I still had the signed copy of my book in my hand to give to him until I saw it on camera behind him as he hugged me.


Well…if you cannot beat them, join them! At that moment I figured that I had already been made fun of on a major national network, and why the heck not give him a copy of my book right then and there. The PA had said if he came into the audience, that I could give it to him, right?


It could not have gone any better. I wish I could say that I strategized showing my book cover on his back, but that was just good luck. I then handed him the book and wished him luck on one day finding his dream job, but I think that we were both so surprised that he didn’t hear me the first time.


The rest is history. I got ripped a new one by Conan and Archie for giving him a book, but at the same time was touted as being a very “clever marketer.” Since the show aired I have received over 135,000 views on YouTube, 2600+ likes, and book sales from people who would have never otherwise known about my book.  I even have reviews now on Amazon from people who went out and bought my book saying things like “As seen on Conan.” I couldn’t not have asked for better publicity and am so glad that I happened to put an Outlook reminder up to use my Conan tickets. You never know what could happen if you just have an open mind and always bring a signed copy of your book

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