The top 10 ways to find your Dream Job

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Below are the top 10 things you can do to find your dream job:

  1. Start by knowing what you want (create a Wishlist and be specific!)
  2. Set a statement of intent and do your daily declaration at least once a day (the Mental side of your job search)
  3. Watch your language (avoid words like “hope”, “try”, “it is hard”, “I cannot” etc…)
  4. Network and connect with the right people (80% of jobs are found through word of mouth)
  5. Be proactive in your job hunt and do not just sit back and react (go after what you want and do not just sit around expecting to receive it without effort)
  6. Put together a good resume (for every ten resumes you send out you should get at least three interviews)
  7. Properly prepare for every interview (spend at least two hours preparing prior to every interview)
  8. Interview effectively (make a strong case for why they should hire you by providing compelling evidence)
  9. Have strong follow through whether networking or after an interview (always send a thank you know and remember to follow up with any contacts after a networking event)
  10. Become indispensable to whomever you work for and remember…attitude is everything!
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